How to change the Workflow Status of a Candidate? | OneRecruit

How to change the Workflow Status of a Candidate?

Changing the workflow ststus of a candidate can be done at any time.  You do not have to follow a specific order and can move or skip statuses that you do not want the applicant or candidate to take.

Step 1

Choose the specific job title from the Job Positions Dashboard 

For example: click PROGRAM MANAGER and see the current list of applicants.  In your case choose the job title you want to edit.


Step 2

From the listing above we have chosen Harold Hoffman since he is a NEW applicant which can be seen in the STATUS column. The task is to move him to the next process:

Click the dropdown under the name STATUS. Then change the status of the applicant from the dropdown choices.  Remeber that when you change a workflow status there may be an action or email template that will be triggered the moment you choose the new Workflow Status