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How to set up Users and Roles

Setting up users and roles provide the administrator with a few different options.  Every user has a role that they may play in the recruitment process.  The following roles define the user permissions for each role:


These users have full functionality.  They can set up new users and assign users to specific departments or job positions.


Managers have functionality limited to their Department or Client and the jobs positions that they set up.  A manager can add a user to a specific job position and can assign users to individual job positions.


These users can be assigned to individul job positions or hiring team.


How to add a user?

From the Settings page, Click Users and Roles and then Add User

1) Select a User Role, First name and Last Name

2) Choose the Department that you would like the user to have access to.

3) Add first and last names

4) Click save to continue.


Note.  A user that is not included in the hiring team will not have access to any job position unless they are part of the hiring team or are an administrator.