How to use Workflows? | OneRecruit

How to use Workflows?

Workflows is the process used to track and manage a recruiters process for recruitment. Using this feature a recruiter can set actions to automatically trigger on selection by a hiring manager or hiring team.  For example each workflow process can have an email template assigned to it and the email will be sent to selected candidates when it is chosen on a candidates profile.

Step 1

Login to OneRecruit and click Settings.

Step 2

OneRecruit has a default workflow process. An administrator can add workflow or can add a new workflow process. The administrators can change the order of workflow in any template.

An example of this is below:

Step 3

Hover the mouse and click on a process or stage in application, for example, Rejection. If the HR wants to send a rejection email at the end of the process then the Rejection stage should be transferred below Hired.

To add a new STATUS, click Add Status.

Step 4

The administrator can add a new status that is not available in the custom selection list.

Click Add Status.

Add the new item and choose the color designation and click Save.

The new workflow is added and drag it to reposition it to the desired process to happen for the stages that the applicant will be going through the application.